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Getting to Merthyr.........

There are 3 roads up to Merthyr Farm and unfortunately SatNav insists you go by the worst route!  Ignore it and follow the directions below and you’ll have no problems - 40 ton lorries use this route!

Whether coming from the North or the South, stick to the A496 until you reach Llanfair - and a staggered crossroads with Llandanwg signed to the sea side. Turn up opposite this into Llanfair. After a very short distance, turn left at the next junction (bus stop on your right), then  take the 2nd right just before a white bungalow.

Continue up this road, which at first is lined by houses but soon opens up to fields, without turning off, for about 2.5 miles, passing straight through another crossroads halfway up.

Once the road reaches the top of the hill and  you cross a cattle grid,  look out for the farm gateway, set in a stone wall, on the left hand side.

Under no circumstances bring a caravan up either of the other two routes - grown men have been reduced to tears trying .......!

You could tell your SatNav to go to Llanfair and once in the village put in our postcode

(LL46 2TP)

Once you’ve done it - it’s really quite easy!  However if you are unsure about towing the last part of the journey along single track roads, we are always happy to meet caravans down in Llanfair to guide you up. There is no charge for this, but it must be arranged in advance - with an approximation of time.

Merthyr Farm Campsite
Harlech, Gwynedd, Wales, LL46 2TP

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